"Sta. Niña" - A 2012 Cinemalaya Entry Starring Coco Martin

Official Movie Poster
Coco Martin and Alessandra de Rossi star in yet another Cinemalaya entry, "Sta. Niña". This new independent film is helmed by Emmanuel Quindo Palo and marks Coco Martin's return to the indie scene. We remember his roles in the movies, Serbis and Kinatay (both of which received numerous awards). This new movie will definitely be another stellar performance by the Prince of Indie Films.

The story is about a man who works at a lahar quarry station who unexpectedly finds the remains of his 2-year old daughter in a dig site they were scuffing. What twists the story is that the remains were intact. No signs of decay or whatsoever were found and this stirred up a lot of confusions in their small town. He then ask their parish priest to make the child a saint because people believe her remains granted miracles like curing the sick.

Personally, Coco never ceases to amaze me. Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to squeeze himself in making yet another masterpiece. He was in a press con for this movie when he was quoted in saying,

“Sarap [ng feeling]! Kasi nung ginagawa ko yung Sta. Niña, tinatapos ko yung movie namin ni Angeline Quinto na Born To Love You tapos may Walang Hanggan. Isinisingit ko ito sa schedule ko para matapos. Never ko naramdaman yung pagod. ‘Pag passion mo kasi, ginagawa mo dahil nageenjoy ka”.

Well, what do you expect from a young hungry actor who pushes himself to the limit just to establish himself as one of the best in his generation? He has talent, patience, and passion in what he is doing. You seldom hear about him being linked to other women right? That's because he's gay! (hehehe joke lang! I'm a comedian you know. :-p) The truth is he started from nothing and slowly walked his way up the ladder of stardom. "It wasn't easy", he used to say. But when you do something based on perseverance and you don't forget to respect everyone around you, like what Coco did, you'll end up like him... A rich dude with many friends, fans, and lots of love.

Here is a quick look at it's official movie trailer: